All artists deserve equal access to airplay.

The internet has radically transformed the music business, making it possible for artists to create amazing art and achieve breakthrough success on their own terms.

At least, in theory. The problem now is that artists have everything they need to write, create, and record their own music, they’re expected to do everything else. And it’s nearly impossible for indie artists to be at the top of their creative game (writing, practicing, and performing) when they also have to manage the business side of their career.

Artists who are already established enough to have a management team, or the backing of a major label, have access to airwaves in a way independent artists simply don’t. (To understand why it’s so hard to get your song played on the radio as an independent artist, check out this article.) While radio stations and the major online music outlets are happy to take money from anyone, indie artists and small labels are “infrequent customers,” and don’t get the same VIP treatment as major labels that cut fat checks every week.

Unfair? We don’t disagree. And you already know there are those who claim to be able to promote your work and get you the airplay you’re ready for. But even though they charge a fee, they often do not deliver.

At TuneLaunch, we take a different approach: one that is more transparent, honest, and upfront. We promise we’ll buy airtime from all the top radio stations and streaming services so your song can get heard. But we can’t and won’t guarantee that having your music played will have an impact on its own. This is teamwork, after all! We’ll show you how many listeners you reached, where your music plays, and when it plays – so you can hear your spot for yourself and even link it across your social networks. Because sometimes the simple act of having your name paired with a successful brand, station, or app can lend even more credibility to your work.

The way we see it, your success as an artist depends on two things:

1. An amazing song, image, and sound that connects with listeners so completely that they want to hear more – and tell their friends.

2. Being in front of the people most likely to dig your sound and spread it around.

Number one is on you. TuneLaunch can take care of the second.

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