We get your music played on the air. Really. 

Radio stations have long been the dominant way people discover music. And radio playlists have always favored artists from big labels that have the promotional muscle to get their acts on the air. Today, not much has changed. Even newer, important outlets like Sirius XM, Pandora, and Spotify have major label representation. The big-three record labels still control who gets airplay in the most important places.

So how can emerging and established artists take control and get their songs on the places their future fans will hear them?

TuneLaunch is a new way for artists and bands to directly control getting their song played on major music outlets and heard by their perfect audience. Think of it like a button you push to guarantee plays of your music so you can gain more fans, and sell more tickets and merch. By teaming up with your favorite brands, and using the same powerful targeting technology used by big companies today, you can tap into the major audiences that can take your career to whole new heights.

  • You call the shots. Tell us what your ideal fan is like, the local scenes you want to break into most, and the brands you would love to have as partners.
  • Get ready for your closeup. Give us your song and visuals (band shots or album artwork) and we’ll create the promo (featuring your song front and center) that’ll play on the radio and streaming sites.
  • Read the signs, boost the signal. Our reports highlight the high notes in your campaign so you can see what’s working and take control of building your career.