Frequently Asked Questions

Can any artist or band sign up?

Yes. We are not here to judge the quality of your music; the audience should decide if the music is good when they hear the song played on air and on streaming services. We will collect data that indicates what the audience thinks of the music and can share that data with you. TuneLaunch advocates to radio on behalf of the strongest performing songs to have them added to programming lists.

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Why do I need TuneLaunch? Can’t I just do this myself?

The internet has revolutionized the music industry. While you can now make your own recordings and distribute your songs online (through CD Baby, Tune Core, etc.) it is still near impossible to get on the radio and pushed to new listeners on streaming services. What we do is give you access without a label and without paying a promoter (no guarantee of airplay) or other agents who claim they can help.

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I would be paying you to put my song on the air? Isn’t this illegal?

This is totally legal. Today, the way artists make more money is through touring and merch sales, not just when your song is played. Instead, think of your song as the advertisement that gets people to pay for your show, shirts, stickers, and special edition vinyl pressings – and what we do is help get your “ad” on the air.

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What is payola?

Essentially, payola is the illegal practice of incenting or paying radio stations to play specific songs without a disclosure that listeners are hearing paid advertising. Payola laws grew out of events in the 1950s as the established music powers of the time were threatened by the rise of rock ‘n roll. Some DJs were taking money from artists to play their songs on air and the music establishment, fighting the scrappy newcomers, took their interests to the FCC and helped enact laws that prevented pay-for-play music. What payola laws have really done is prevent independent artists from getting airplay because only the major labels have the machinery to influence radio and online services across the country. TuneLaunch aims to change that by bringing big brands to the table to help independent artist get airplay - without the artists giving up any control over their compositions.

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Why do I need to partner with brands? If so, can I choose any brand I want?

Partnering with brands is a great way to comply with “payola” laws, which is legislation that requires the explicit disclosure of paid-for promotion on radio stations.  By having a credible brand introduce you to the listening audience, we not only satisfy legal criteria, but get audiences to take notice when they hear a familiar brand backing a new artist. You can choose the brands on our platform who have told us that they are interested in supporting artists like you, or if you don’t see a brand on our platform that you would like to work with, just suggest ones that you like to us and we’ll contact them on your behalf!

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Do I have to share any of the revenue from streaming or shows with the brand?

NO!  Brands may ask you to represent them at live shows & appearances in certain ways, but you will never, ever have to share any revenue that comes your way as a result of your TuneLaunch packages.  Your brand partners want to help enable your success!

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Can I have more than one sponsor?

That depends on the level of the exposure grant that your brand patron is providing. Some brands you partner with may have looser criteria around the relationship because they are only helping subsidize a percentage of your TuneLaunch package, while others may ask for exclusivity in exchange for helping fund more (or all!) of your program.  Rest assured, you have complete control over the brands that you partner with and can opt-in or refuse any brand, based upon your own criteria, that you wish.

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Can I decide what the introduction is?

Your actual song will make up the overwhelming portion of what is actually aired on the radio, Pandora and Spotify, with just a few second introduction from the brand.  The introduction will typically feature the brand and their tagline (i.e. Chevy Music Showcase presents) for the program and your call to action (i.e. see my show live on the 18th).

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Can I get on more than one radio station at once?

You can sign up for as many exposure packages as you’d like, targeting different geographic markets, or different radio stations in the same market. Each package typically covers a single radio station, Pandora and Spotify.


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Can I customize the package if I wanted to move all the budget to radio?

Absolutely!  It’s important to keep in mind that a lot of the tools we use to measure audience feedback are digital, so if you focus only on radio then we’ll lose much of the ability to gauge listener response.  However, your TuneLaunch package is all about YOU!  If you focusing on radio exposure is best for your goals, then that’s your decision to make!

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Why do we use a Launch Page when listeners want to learn more?

The Launch Page allows listeners to hear more of your music, learn more about you, buy concert tickets, become a social media fan and go to your official website. The Launch Page also features your brand partnership. What is especially unique is that the Launch Page has some special features enable measurement of how your target audience is responding to your music. When we see that a song gets a strong response, we want to advocate to radio that the song gets more airplay.

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